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    i won’t be playing every thursday anymore. i’m playing some shows on upcoming weekends, so check the calendar for that.

    the important show is feb. 19th at ti couz too. it’s gonna be legen… wait for it!
    many thanks to katya saburova for the beautiful flyer, by the way.

    the next order of business is that i got some requests for the chords to my songs, so i wrote them town for the songs on the album Awesome! XD. here are the direct links to that:
    the last stand
    little clown
    my life is fun
    change the weather
    inside of a soul

    i’ll add the chords for the youtube videos when i feel like it. if you wanna know a specific song right now, then just write me an email or something.

    that’s all for now :)
    good times!

    legendary! :D