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    Date: 2011.02.23 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    Liberation Jam

    it had been rainy for the last few days, so i decided to make a little video. i was getting over a cold, so we went to the beach to get some fresh sea air to clear out the sinuses, and the wind was blowing like i have never seen, so naturally i frolicked about running to and fro. 

i’d recorded the song a few weeks earlier on an uncharacteristically sunny day for january in san francisco.

    ah, the harsh costal climate

    Warm Warm Water (by Ben Keeler – benkeeler.com)

    a few nights ago was “play your friend’s song – night” at the open mic at the utah, so i played the awesome song warm warm water by my buddy ben keeler who i’d seen performing it several weeks before at the same spot. i don’t know how the words go, so i just made something up like i like to do. :D enjoy!