• Ti Couz Too – Every Thursday

    Date: 2011.01.12 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    i’ve been in san francisco now for the past 2 months. i was only planning to stay for a few weeks and then move on, which i actually did. i went down to santa cruz with the 1999 daewoo i’d bought for about $2000 which i intended to sell for the same money when i was done with it, but after 2 weeks it was totaled. first the radiator exploded and after i’d already paid $300 to fix it the mechanic told me the head gasket was blown and the engine was ruined.

    so i returned north to san francisco where i have some friends and family. i took it as a sign that the universe wants me to stay here for a bit, so i’ve been playing various open mics around the city to get my name out and financing my living by playing on the street with my new little looping toy, the boss rc-20 xl and a battery powered crate taxi amplifier.

    i was playing at the corner of 16th and valencia one night several weeks ago. the people were rocking out and dancing in the street when a lady approached me. she said that i sound great and that she really loves my energy. she owns the crepe restaurant ti couz across the street and she’d love it if i played in the new bar/music-venue section of the restaurant called ti couz too that was just about to open.

    she told me to come to the opening on new years day for a little jam session. that was fun. a week later on thursday i was playing my own show. they liked it so much they asked me to leave my stuff set up and play again on friday.

    i now have a regular show there every thursday. sweeet! at least for the rest of january. there will be no cover charge, so if you’re in san francisco i strongly suggest you come. i’ll be playing with my full looping set-up from about 9 till 12PM.

    it’s pretty funny that my regular gig day is thursday here, because back in salzburg i played at the denkmal every thursday as well. it’s also funny because i manifested this gig for myself. a couple weeks earlier i’d thought ‘man, i need some cafĂ© or restaurant where i can play regularly’, and then i got it while having fun playing on the street.

    but that’s how the universe works isn’t it? you wish for something, and if it actually is what you want and need then you get it. recently my shoes wore out. i thought ‘man, i don’t wanna go shopping for new shoes. i hope someone just gives me some.’ a few day’s later someone gave me a pair of brand new expensive boots that didn’t fit them. then a couple days ago i was like ‘i want a kitty to squeeze’ and the next morning there was a cat pawing at the window. :)

    good times!