• Two New Songs for you! Happy Winter Solstice! :D

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    hey everybody,

    i am very pleased to announce that i have begun work on my new album, “Quit Your Whining”. i will be releasing it two songs at a time until it’s finished around next june. the first two are called ‘quit my job’ and ‘it’s a lovely life’. this is the time of year for giving, and so i am giving you the downloads:
    It’s a Lovely Life – http://rockyleon.bandcamp.com/track/its-a-lovely-life
    Quit my Job – http://rockyleon.bandcamp.com/track/quit-my-job
    it’s up to you if you wanna give something back. just click Buy Now and enter however much you like. 0 (zero) is okay too. :)

    i also made a video for quit my job and it would be awesome if you could contribute a video clip of yourself singing the song. i’m going to make another video with a bunch of people from around the world singing it together. :D so please share this with your friends! :)

    i wrote it’s a lovely life over the course of my travels around north and south america between fall 2010 and summer 2011. it’s about the importance of maintaining a balance between work and play. many people that i’ve encountered
    seem to resent the idea of work more and more these days. our society and economic system are set up in a way that make financial success seem like the ultimate goal and the only reason for working, but people are beginning to recognize that material wealth does not lead to happiness. as a result they are beginning to doubt the value of work in and of itself.

    when people then no longer see a good reason to work, they get bored and turn to different things to escape this boredom. in many cases excessive partying and overuse of drugs and alcohol follow, and people end up getting depressed, because they question the purpose of their lives. i believe the point of working should not be to make money that we think we need – the point of working should be to contribute something meaningful to the world that is in line with our individual talents. everyone has something unique to give to the world.

    i wrote quit my job in november, 2011. i first had the idea for the song when i was in brazil in march. i was couch-surfing in rio and met a photographer named leo. we talked about doing what you love and becoming successful because your heart is in it. i was traveling around the world financing my travels by playing music on the street, leo was working a “safe” job that he hated and he really just wanted to be a professional photographer. the chorus for the song:
    i’m gonna quit my job and follow my heart
    i can trust in god if i go do my part
    not gonna wait to live till i’m a sick old fart
    i’m gonna trust in god … heheh … I’M GONNA QUIT MY JOB!

    began to float around in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t till i started working again myself in august 2011, that i had the necessary inspiration to make the idea into a whole song.

    leo, by the way, quit his job that summer and is now following his heart. leoneves.net

    the way i see it, too many people spend too much time doing something that drains them completely, just to get paid. most people take it for granted that getting paid is the whole point of working, but i believe that human potential is MUCH greater than simply satisfying our physical needs like warmth and food. we have reached a level of technical sophistication where we could feed twice as many people than we have on earth, and still people starve, while some people don’t work at all and have more than i can even imagine. many people’s goal in life is to make a lot of money, but money doesn’t make you happy. yes we need some money to live, but it’s a lot less than we are led to believe. it all depends where your priorities are. but if being happy is a priority and your job is making you unhappy, then you either need to find something that you enjoy or continue to suffer. many people think that money buys them security, but how much security and at what cost? i’m definitely gonna die, and the way the economy looks my money could disappear too. i’d rather sacrifice some material satisfation to do what i love and contribute positive energy to the world, than gain the world for the price of my soul. furthermore, i think almost everyone who is truly successful is successful because they love what they do.

    so, have a happy winter solstice, merry christmas, happy hanukkah and a happy new year doing what you love. :)

    good times,